Frankfurt – Europe's Manhattan

With the largest number of the population of any other Member State of the European Union and the third largest economy in the world by GDP probably fair to say that Germany there are only a handful of other countries as one of the world's true superpowers. In addition, if asked to name the major German metropolis, the Berlin or Munich, perhaps most people realize. But, in fact, the fifth largest city in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, which became one of the two largest financial centers in continental Europe, as well as with the & # 39 is one of the world's financial elite.

Indeed, with an abundance of banks and large enterprises, located in the city, it has helped to create an impressive skyline. In fact, two of the four tallest buildings in Europe is found in Frankfurt, which is a suitable nickname "Little Manhattan." In addition, you can experience a magnificent view of the city skyline at night with bridge Eyzernera Stag, who & # 39; is the main highlight for anyone who makes a trip to this city.

Frankfurt – it is also a city steeped in history; This can be seen if you take the time and wander the fahvertsy, 16th century, square Romerberga, which for 600 years from the & # 39; is the home of the medieval "Romer", or City Hall. Also located along the banks of the River Main, the museum embankment is located. This area is popular for all culture vultures, it has a wide range of museums, including the Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum of German cinema, German Architecture Museum and Art Gallery Shtedela.

And for those who want to do a little retail therapy, there is a "Zeil", the most famous shopping street in all of Germany, which is located in the heart of Frankfurt. Bordered by two large planes, the street – it's only pedestrian zone; with delight locals and tourists only contributes to further revitalize the feeling of the city.

Frankfurt also serves to transport; in fact, Frankfurt International Airport is among the ten busiest airports in the world, receiving more than fifty-four million passengers in 2007. Furthermore, flights to Frankfurt takes just under two hours from London, that is also available for those on short business trips places like this for people who visit a long weekend or a long vacation.

And this access will only consolidate the position of Frankfurt as a major player on the European and world stage. As a major financial center and a tourist point, Frankfurt really works there with the best of them, and can even give the New York Manhattan to run for his money!