The development of Charles de Gaulle Airport

C & # 39 As one of the largest airports in Europe, "Roissy" and a & # 39; is a major economic center for the region Ile-de-France, which employs more than 85 000 jobs. However, geographic isolation airport creates a steady stream of vehicles, research shows that 90% of employees have to use a private car to get to the airport, causing an environmental problem. Thus, currently the airport is continuing debate.

Infrastructure Charles de Gaulle Airport

From the viewpoint of the airport infrastructure it has three terminals, specifically design inspired in 1970 for the terminals 1 and 2 helicopter area and business district. Roissy terminal portion 1 to the various satellites to fit facilitated by the presence of closed paths. Travelers can use the basic of & # 39 objects, such as restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers, kindergartens, banks, ATMs, post offices, parking lots, etc. Among them are taxi and car rental agencies that help make the airport more accessible. Other infrastructure at this time is to use a more specific: ZAPI 3 or zone for those who are waiting. This area is located along the tracks, keeps visitors access to the territory of the French refused, and asylum seekers who are waiting for the government's decision. Quarantine area under the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance, Bobyni, only the Red Cross and anathema can enter, providing assistance to those who provide. In January 2008, it was opened ZAPI 4 for meetings with a large influx of people who are not waiting.

Lengthening and controversy

With a large field with a & # 39 there were various expansion projects of the airport, including the proposed shopping center Aeroville in 2007, permitted in 2008, this project will result in 2500 new jobs. Another project, "World Trade Center", should not be confused with the twin towers of the infamous September 11, 2001, which will lead to the creation of 1370 jobs.

Although the airport from the & # 39 is the economic center for the Ile-de-France, and for the residents of this area, the airport remains the same, one of the main causes of contamination. The first and most directly related to airport operations, just noise, aircraft flying at less than 1000 meters of altitude of the city in Ile-de-France. A striking example of such pollution: desert old village Goussainville. To overcome this problem, it is very damaging to the residents, the ADP has started an extensive project for soundproofing homes. Recall that in 1989 to manage the problem already created a plan of noise exposure, which limits residential areas.

Secondly, the airport creates suras & # 39; serious environmental problem because of traffic noise and air planes. On the other hand, expansion of the operation of the airport, including the creation of Aeroville, would worsen trade, competitive forces surrounding towns and would add even more problems with traffic. As the airport of the future, which has great potential for expansion, both in infrastructure and in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrade, Charles de Gaulle airport is going to be the biggest airport in the world. However, the proximity of the densely populated area to the present day with the & # 39 is an obstacle in the way of this giant.