Security turns friendly

Every time I ask him who went on the trip, as it was, I hear about how terrible was the safety of the airport. How much time they had to wait in line to go through security, only to cancel or postpone the flight. Then you have to go back through security to board another flight.

Thanks to Dr. Lisa Airport Doses share deal in the past. Dr. Lisa CEO Qylur, has developed a new process of security checks, which was presented at several airports, baseball parks and several high-traffic areas around the world. Qylatron – this scanner with five empty cells in which passengers or customers will place their bags and things. First, they scan the bar code, personalized just for handbags. Placing the bag in the empty cell, they shut the door, and it will turn red. After that, they will go with scanners and on the other side of the car to ask your luggage. When the door is red, the bag inside them was perceived as a threat, and they have to wait until the check security, to make sure that there is nothing wrong, and looked through their bags. When the door is green, they can scan your barcode and retrieve bags. Barcode – this is another security feature, because no one has the same; thus, their belongings will only be available via the barcode that was scanned to put the bag through the screening system.

Using Qylatron places such as airports, baseball parks and places with high traffic will decrease discomfort and possible harm that may come to personal belongings during the security check time. Just a bright flashing light and scanning system that can manage the smallest children. For this machine are not only parts and gadgets that just going through the motions and what a night flight with green and red lights at will, but a machine that has a lot of years that are uploaded to its data, and math skills.

Qylatron, new security screening machine, looks like a very convenient way to safety, but I have a few questions. Firstly, this new machine will affect the price of tickets for a trip or for admission to a place where we're trying to go? If you think about it, it makes sense. This machine can not be cheap, so the institution will pay for it or we, as a society, we will pay the price literally. Secondly, whether the car is really safe? I understand that the scanner should detect items that are considered hazardous or capable of caution. despite the fact that this machine can have many years of knowledge, but a reliable protection if it is really to protect us. And, finally, whether it will be another technological project, which will take away thousands of jobs in our country, the common people? I know that if the bag is considered dangerous, you have to have a man to gain the bag and view it, but in each area is not more than three or four people. Compared to eight to ten that were used to explain the monitoring and research on the previous screening station.

In conclusion, I think that Qylatron – this is an incredible innovation. I think this is exactly what is needed in our society. It brings a sense of fun and good humor to the place where we are now afraid and a little afraid to go. Since 9/11, airport security has been Var & # 39; and Jacek Var & # 39; Jacek strict, so see what still has the same amount of security and gets a smile on the faces of the people – a gift.