View from the airport of Dallas-Fort Worth

Since then, as I went, it took several years – usually when we travel, we go wherever we go, but we go to Northern Nevada in Austin, Texas, and then south to the X & # 39; Euston, in mid-June I did not hear anything. Referring to either John or me, so I decided to fly one.

After landing in three different planes and two landing; one in Salt Lake, and the other two in Dallas, I met again with the art of flight. factual feel Flight unchanged: people rush, rush, in some cases, run to the next flight only to discover that the plane had not yet risen, the worst stress. Men, women and children of different races, languages, clothing – a microcosm of the world – try as soon as possible to move from one part of his world to the other; their facial expressions reveal, from the anxiety, frustration, longing to intolerance, while they are waiting and waiting and waiting.

I think airlines have made some significant changes in an effort to streamline their processes and reduce costs. Among those, I immediately became apparent – a strict weight limits for careless passengers who mindlessly add one, and then another five books, as well as other non-essential and relatively heavy objects, lead to & # 39; payment for the excess cost of & # 39; A surcharge of $ 100 per violation extra pounds three pounds works exactly as in the speeding ticket, I know that the next time I fly on the ceiling of fifty pounds.

Disappeared people who were struggling to make too much of a suitcase to put in too small a bill vborshchyk not as patient stewards who help in a futile attempt to make impossible until minutes minutes. The rules are clear, and they are carried out. airline personnel takes place, and then stop a few people with excess baggage size before they board the plane; more effectively, a large piece is ejected so that the planting process moves on board a few hundred people in the plane for twenty minutes or less.

Usyudyisnasts mobile devices with free Wi-Fi in airports and on airplanes allows instant connectivity to all comers. People who write, report and talk about the latest smartphones on the corporate disaster, as the man behind me at the airport in Dallas-Fort Worth, exhaustively shares his excitement over the unexpected resignation of key major player to the listener supposed to feel the same way.

I'm on the board of my third airplane from 6:30 this morning, when I finish this post. Quick and unscientific poll of hundreds of people, seen in this long day, found only two others who carried this book to read. Many passengers use their mobile devices to avoid a stranger look carefully at the site ears.

Young woman sitting next to me at the last stage of this trip – one of the three people I've seen with a book – a real book, and thanks when I give her a novel that I finished.

"Do you like science fiction?"

Smiling, she said: "Yes, I am constantly traveling and search for books to pass the time well.?"

Smiling, I said, "It's okay, it will take time."

Captain Samantha Martinez, a member of the Texas co-operative group for the fight against drugs [OIC], a coalition of many agencies that work together to stop the repression of cartels in the world economy. She loves her job, because she knows that it changes the situation.

She listened as I explained that the character in my next book with the & # 39; is a member of the Texas Coalition Force on Drugs, which, as it seemed to me, I thought, responding confidently when asked if I could use her name in the novel, and He handed me his card, as we walked together out of the plane and on the way to the luggage.

One of the unexpected gifts ever to hold the aircraft – a meeting with a young woman, as Captain Martinez; We are working hard to make this world a better, God bless you, Samantha. And thank you very much for letting us use your name for one of my characters in my next book.