Airports and airlines – as humanity has closed gaps and we have the international community

In the twentieth century, nothing can be considered a great influence on the development of the world economy and the exchange of people, than the airports and airlines that use them. For thousands of years people relied on the navigation to reach the farthest corners of the world. Previously, we relied on the ocean and marine vessels – from gold and diamonds to spices to rice and wheat. At the turn of the twentieth century, we have entered an exciting new era, when the Wright Brothers made a successful flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; and effectively flew into history and a new era.

Today the planes are far from their humble and rudimentary beginnings. In the 21st century, supersonic aircraft – is the norm. Jumbo-jets and the Boeing revolutionize human transport. Sign of each city – it is an international airport which allows travelers from around the world fly. The distance that separates us months decreased to several hours in air-conditioned vessel. Airlines have made the business so as to make the flight a viable option for most of the citizens of the world. Big business relies on airports and airlines to enter into inter-continental and cross-border transactions in a matter of days. If we know, this international business, as you know, it would be impossible without the arrival at the airport.

C & # 39; advent of the global aircraft market has grown exponentially. With this increase in growth up increasing demand for affordable and reliable flights. Therefore, to respond to these new demands from the & # 39 appeared to & # 39 Airport emergence and multiple airlines to serve the different air routes and destinations. Today, airlines have become a multibillion-dollar industry. Each airline has its own niche area, and strives to meet the needs of the market and the destination. In virtually every developed and developing countries have at least one airline, which is attributed to it, and most countries have a lot more than one airline, which serves them. Air travel industry mainly relies on airports and airlines to provide their services to a large number of consumers who daily rely on air travel. Each airline has a contract with the airports they serve. These simbiotychnyya relationship will ensure that the airline will have an efficient and effective place for the landing and departure of flights, and airports are the planes that will bring passengers to the city and the city in which they are located. Without the city airport is considered to be isolated from the international community, and this may have profound implications for the local economy, as well as for public and private sector.

It is interesting that with the growth of airlines has come the growth of the cities themselves. Airports were the main deciding factor of foreign investment and the use of regional resources on a global scale. Investment in a given area are determined not only the resources available, but also the availability of the region. Together with airports and airlines explosive growth seen in the cities. What used to be kanglameratsyyay individual nations and economies of & # 39; united the world community that no longer perceives the distance as a deterrent, but rather to see the distance as a way to new opportunities in business and otherwise. With the increasing availability of air transport over long distances to exchange not only goods and people; rather the ideas disseminated in the global economy, which is growing.

Over time, the only direction for the development of the air travel industry – is the development. As soon as the world becomes smaller and we are becoming more connected, people will increasingly rely on air travel for business and for tourism. The 20th century may have seen the explosive beginning of air travel, but the 21st century is to see the true potential of human effort, implemented on a global scale. With the growth of the world economy from the & # 39 will be the need for a mass air transport, and thus, the airline and airport niche will continue to see a healthy and prosperous future. That is, until we run out of fuel.