Everything you wanted to know about the services of operators with fixed services

If you are an investor or investor shares in the aviation sector, you may have many questions about the services at the airport. In North America and some parts of Europe the role of the various operators and service providers at the airport are clearly defined, while in other countries, local ground handlers level is associated with many of the same operations. In this post we will look at an overview of the different services in the public airport, as well as things you can expect, especially if you need direct assistance in finding the best service provider to meet your needs.

Overview of fixed services operator (FBO)

fixed services operator (FBO) mostly work with key infrastructure of the airport and & # 39; objects in the air, as a rule, when long-term lease directly from the airport. Services may Var & # 39; iravatstsa depending on the nature and size of the airport, but the main profile is often the same. BAF is responsible for a number of different roles. They provide an important service functions such as managing, servicing and the suspension of private aircraft, management of the passenger terminal, lounges and other crew on the & # 39 objects, but can also offer some services for maintenance and repair. The size and location of the FBO is largely determined by their services. TSF with full service are very popular in North America and Europe, and in other areas, such as Australia and parts of Asia, the demand for these services is growing.

Overview of ground handlers

On the other hand, the airport usually obtains a license as a concessionaire. They can provide general services, which require in this sector, mainly in airports that do not have the necessary infrastructure for the full BAF services. These companies work mainly with nizheykrytymi services, although in some cases they are dealing with Krylovo services. In this context, it is important to understand the difference between cruise and nizheykrytymi services.

1. Services above Wing – These include a wide range of services, including some services provided by federal organizations, such as the provision of food on board, cleaning flights on the technical stops, tracking and control of passengers and crew, and all that is directly related to the flight manual. These services, in addition to concierge services, also include the management of land-based location of crew and passengers.

2. under the wings of Services – These services include the processing of aircraft, refueling, ground control support, the movement of baggage and any necessary hangar services. All ground handlers, which are engaged by lower service should have certain rights operation of the airport, have the necessary equipment and be trained for different functions, such as towing, loading, fuel, etc. They must also have a minimum of adequate insurance. the amount designated airports. In some parts of the world ground handler may require additional certification.

other areas

When it comes to aviation infrastructure management, BAF specializing in different areas, although all are expected to observe certain basic functions. Operators of stationary base understand private aviation needs, whether corporate or entertainment, and may offer direct assistance to the volatile public. Some companies may have an additional management experience on & # 39 objects. If you have aviation assets and you are looking for professional management, you should carefully review the experience of the future service provider and the breadth and depth of service offerings. If you are looking for help for international assets, the service provider must have proven results in international operations.